How I became a Web Developer?

In this blog I am going to share my career journey with people so let's start!

In year 2020 when world is suffering from COVID pandemic. All the countries are suffering from economic downturn. Negativity was everywhere we see such as newspaper, social media, T.V news and many more.

Then I realized that we are just one step ahead of poverty that is a sad truth of every person who depends on one source of income. During the pandemic everyone was locked down at home and it was hard to spend a day without doing anything specially for the boys who don't like to work for home like me!

I was spending my time watching a movies , web series and games named Brawl Star then I found gaming community on discord who organize tournaments and cash prizes so started playing it and winning cash prices but sadly that community went down in short time. I also noticed that there are couple of people who developed a bots which was developed by JavaScript on (NodeJS runtime environment) for discord and earning money by providing premium features. It excited me a lot because I love technologies from my childhood so I started with it by watching YouTube videos.

It has fun so I decided to make my career on Technologies and Computer science but here I had a little problem that I was from commerce background but as far as I realized that we actually don't need a IT degree to be a good Developer and I had a one choice which is BCA so I took it.

One of friend told me that in our city there is no good collage for this field and suggested me PARUL UNIVERSITY , it has a beautiful campus , relationships with foreign countries so I imagined my life will go like movies. Reality is quite deferent but hopefully I found my best friend named Jay Bhogayata who always encourage me to do better. He is very good at general knowledge, geopolitical knowledge , Cloud computing and many more...

I like to write blogs, reading news and technological blogs at my pass time.